Custom Clothes

Being You means understanding that who you are is the best thing you can be. It means never letting someone else tell you who or what you should be.

What you wear is a way of expressing who you are. Why should you wear clothes that don’t represent that? We want you to be able to show the world who you are! Be your own brand! We custom design clothes so that they say what you want them to say. Because your message is the most important one you can wear.

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Our Story

We as parents think it’s important to us that our son is able to be who he wants to be, and we are always looking for ways to let him express himself.

One of the best methods of personal expression is through what you wear, but we found that clothing in stores very rarely captures someone’s personality. So, we started making our own designs. It soon became more than a hobby as others enjoyed our designs and wanted their own clothes to better express themselves.

We started Be You Designs with the goal of helping people discover how good it feels to be able to show the world who you are.